Friday, October 7, 2011

Glass Half Full

I read signs a lot while I am driving.  It's rather annoying actually.  But I passed a sign the other day that said, "It's a glass half full kinda day."

I read that and smiled and thought, ya it is.  The sun was shining, I just finished watching conference, which was amazing by the way, and was driving in my new car.  It really was a good day. 

Each day has the potential to be great.  I mean shoot yesterday morning I went out running, and it started pouring rain, and I got soaked.  What a bummer, I was wet, but hey I got to end my run early.  (Maybe I am just lazy).  Still haven't found a job, haven't really looked too hard either, but hey my dad takes me out to lunch just about every day.  I mean really does life get any better than that? 

I've just decided each day is a glass half full kinda day, it's all about how ya look at it. 

(Random picture of Scott, but hey he looks like he's having a glass half full kinda day!)