Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains

Three months have passed since my last post and in a way it blows my mind that so much time has passed. But my life in a nut shell: I am currently substitute teaching and also working for my older sister doing her advertising and such for her business, It's a Piece of Cake! I'm loving both jobs and loving getting to spend lots of time with the fam here in Vegas.

A cake my sister just made! She is amazing!

 And did I mention I've been playing a lot. Probably a bit too much... Whoops. You only live once right?

Christmas, New Year's,and other pointless holidays, like Groundhog's Day, have come and gone, and they all were great. And Scott is finally home. It has been nice having him around. My parents don't worry about me as much anymore. It really is fantastic.... And that is the not so exciting update on my life.

At the dunes having a good time!
As for things that have been on my mind as of the last three months, well lots, but the thing on my mind today that deems itself to be blog worthy is a quote that I heard a while back by Oscar Wilde. It came to mind today as I observed all the different styles of clothing girls were wearing at church. He said, "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months!

Our little family welcoming Scott home from Russia at the airport!
That just makes me laugh cause it is so true. Especially nowadays since fashion trends are just repeating what my parents wore.... Crazy. I don't know what's cool these days nor do I try to keep up, but I do enjoy a good laugh from the plethora of styles expressed by people. You never know what people might be wearing. It's great! I guess how we dress is a way of expression, but if it were up to me.... No one would wear shoes and we would dress for comfort.... But hey that's just me. Just a bit of the random on my mind today.

Stay classy my friends!