Friday, August 12, 2011

Stress is a mess!

Ever felt kind of like this? 

I have decided I hate stress!  And unfortunately I cannot avoid it.  I have days where I just crash and burn because I just can't take it anymore.  Those days usually end with me asleep on the floor after a long day of working. 
I feel stress just about everyday.  But today Sister Warner and I were driving in the car and I realized that 'why worry, why stress?' the Lord is on my side. 

Life gets crazy and it's hectic but this life is but a small moment, and when I really think about it, in the eternal scheme of things, most things I stress over, don't really matter after all. 

I bought my mother a gift for Mother's Day a couple of years back and it was a tile with a quote on it by President Gordon B. Hinckley.  He said, "Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured!" 

We would all do good to remember that our purpose in life is to "prepare to meet God" (Alma 34:32).  With that in mind, I have a new resolution to not stress out over the little things because after all, in 100 years, or in the eternities, will it really matter?  I am just going to enjoy the time and enjoy my life right here and right now.

Enjoy the Moment. 
At time's life's a mess, but why stress!  Smile!

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