Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pioneer Day

I just realized that July 24th is Pioneer Day, and so I was thinking how a lot about pioneers, or those who were the first to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I was pondering on the many stories I have heard over the years and the challenges the early Pioneers went through. 

The early Pioneers led by example and sacrificed so much in order to have the freedom to worship God as they would like. I am so grateful for their sacrifices and example, and I am grateful for modern day pioneers. 

We are all modern day pioneers in some respect.  We may not be traveling in covered wagons across the wilderness, but we all have valleys and rivers we have to cross, and mountains we have to climb.  I know that if we keep our faith in Jesus Christ and rely on Him, we can climb our own mountains and accomplish all that we set out to do.  We can leave a heritage of sacrifice and faith for future generations.  We are all modern day pioneers! 

I know that the choices I am make today will leave a legacy for those who will come after me.  I want to set a good example and always follow the Savior.  When I make the hard choices and set a good example that I am becoming a modern day pioneer. 

Pioneer Day Commemoration Concert

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